Pool Fence Safety Inspection Checklist

This checklist should only be used as a guide, this is only a sample of common faults and in no way replaces a professional inspection. Pool owners should consider getting a professional assessment of their pool’s compliance.

Pool Barrier
The pool fence is at least 1200mm high
If the pool fence is a boundary fence and there are climbable objects on the neighbours’ side then the pool fence must be 1800mm high
There are no vertical or horizontal gaps greater than 100mm
Any horizontal bars or rails are at least 900mm apart
The pool fence is well maintained, there are no rotten posts or rails, all panels and palings are secured
The pool fence is at least 900mm away from any object that can be used to climb over the fence – BBQs, trees, rocks, retaining walls, furniture
If the pool fence has gaps greater than 10mm then there are no objects that can be used for climbing within 300mm on the inside of the fence.
Windows into the pool area are secured or cannot be opened more than 100mm
There are no doors that open directly into the pool area
The gate swings away from the pool area
The gate swings back to closed position from all positions without manual force
The gate latches without bouncing from all open positions
The hinges are either 900mm apart or are protected by a safety cap☐ 
Either the gate latch is 1500mm above stable ground and 1400mm above the highest lower rail; or The latch is on the inside of the gate 150mm down from the top, and protected by a 450mm shield (i.e. no gaps greater than 10mm within 450mm of the latch operating mechanism)
A CPR sign is prominently displayed in the pool area
The pool is registered on the Pool Safety register

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